A new air in the Gospel music industry

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publié le 24/06/2017 à 18:06

Eagle’s wings production is the new gospel music record label to breeze the music industry with celestial tunes. This record label saw her official light on 11th June 2017 at sky hotel Douala.

The event that started wish a powerful word of prayer saw the performance of over 16 gospel music artists and comedians. Each song sung was unique and what was so unique was the fact that, gospel rap is becoming a brand.

The official launching of eagle’s wings productions saw the performances of prominent gospel artist like: Prosper Menko, Sherpperd, Serge Aimé, Saint D, Makarios amongst other.

It wasn’t only an atmosphere of singing. This event also witnessed a motivational talk from Bow Impact an Ngo with a special assignment for prison ministry who encouraged the people to stand up with every iota of talent in them and impact the world.

Eagle’s wings production also used this platform to raise funds for the “End Child Poverty Now Campaign”. Every child is your child. It is on this note that pastor Paul of campus ministry Douala, exhorted the attendees on behalf of the Inner City mission , a  Christ Embassy original initiative to give for the education and wellbeing of at least a child. This was a done deal.

Eagle’s wings production has already signed eight gospel artists and the studio work is on the roll.

Some pictures of the event.

Renette AYUK

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